Do you know someone that's looking to get married soon and wants to do something different?

The people of Hell, Michigan have gotten together and decided that it would be cool to marry 29 couples on February 29th at 2:29 p.m.

Couples will get together in this chapel for the ceremony.

@teamrajj via Instagram


Seeing as the chapel only holds 12 people, (looks like a she-shed to me) couples will be married outside. Now, I'm not sure if it's still cold up there this time of year but the Reverend Vonn told MLive that, "Couples will be joined in whatever weather Michigan gifts us with that day. The ceremony will take place outside the chapel. Bring family and friends to witness your special day."

Couples can register for the mass wedding by texting Reverend Vonn at 810-623-1125. The first 29 couples will be accepted and the Reverend says they are getting close to that number.

Couples who are interested in the leap day mass wedding in Hell must obtain a legal marriage license. Out-of-state couples must get their marriage license from the Livingston County courthouse. Each person must have a valid drivers license.

You must pay the fees associated with the ceremony, which include Rev Vonn's $106.66 fee for performing the ceremony and the chapel rental fee. And in return the happy couples will receive a marriage license with Hell, Michigan on it which says “married in Hell.”

@teamrajj via Instagram
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