By now, you've surely heard of the lawsuit happening between Mick Mars and the rest of Motley Crue. The newest development here, is the release of Mick's in-ear monitor mix.

Mick had to step away due to the progression of ankylosing spondylitis, which is causing his health to decline to a point where he can't be on the road. Mick's intention was to step away from touring because the travel is rough on him, but he was open to a residency or recording sessions for new releases.

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Mick's a 25% shareholder in Motley Crue's business, but according to the suit, the decision was made by the rest of the group to push him away and reduce the share to 5%.

“They noticed an emergency shareholders’ meeting for the band’s main corporate entity in order to throw Mars out of the band, to fire him as a director of the corporation, to fire him as an officer of the corporation, and to take away his shares of the corporation," Mick's attorneys Edwin F. McPherson and Pierre B. Pine wrote in the petition to the court. 

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Mick alleges that Nikki Sixx called his guitar playing the last tour "sub par," playing the wrong chords, and that fans complained about his performance during shows.

Sixx alleged that they had to start using tracks for Mick's guitar playing, but Mars said that never happened. He responded, saying that the band all used backing tracks during live shows and that Nikki Sixx didn't play a single note on his bass.

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This week, someone leaked Mick's in-ear monitor mix, which can be heard below. It features “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Primal Scream,” and “Kickstart My Heart,” accompanied by a click track, all recorded during last year's "Stadium Tour."

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