Every year the Hawkeye Marching Band puts together some amazing halftime shows, and they always have one that is their best show and that's the one they use to travel with when going to a bowl game.

This year's was "HMB TV" and it paid tribute to some great TV classics like Parks and Rec, Friends, The Office, Big Bang Theory, and Sesame Street.

I had the pleasure of seeing this myself Saturday night, and the phones in the stadium during "5,000 Candles in the Wind" (the tribute to Lil Sebastian from Parks and Rec) was truly a sight to see.

The other highlight for me was when, during the Big Bang Theory, when they had smoke coming out of the beaker on the field. I couldn't exactly see how they did it, but now I need to know.

Speaking of the Hawkeye Marching Band, they're going to be in Davenport tomorrow at Brady Street Stadium for the Davenport Schools Band Spectacular. Show starts at 7 and is open to the public. No tickets are required, but they'll gladly accept donations. They're supposed to be performing their pregame show and maybe a halftime show and will be joined with bands from the Davenport School District.

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