You've probably had an argument about who was supposed to cook dinner with your spouse at least once, but I doubt that you've ever gotten angry enough to do respond like this wife in Thailand did.

43-year-old Chanita Kuedrum waited up for her 45-year-old husband, Boonchuey Mooseeton, who had been drinking with friends.

Chanita is a sugarcane collector and had returned home from a long and hard day in the fields working, expecting some rice to be on the table, ready for her to eat.

Just like her husband, no dinner was to be found when she got home. He had left early to go out with his friends to drink whiskey.

"Talking nicely to him is never the solution," she told police after she waited up all night for him to come home.

When he stumbled into the home on the night of March 3rd, she shot him "through the penis." It was after that, she walked up and "twisted the spear" through his junk. She said that she shot him "like a fish."

Check out the power of a harpoon gun.

Luckily, he was so drunk that it wasn't really an issue for him until the next morning when he went to the hospital.

Boonchuey had to have 17 stitches put in place to put his stuff back together, and surely some painkillers were needed after it was all said and done.

“I will not return home for now until she cools down," he said, according to Daily Star.

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