Today I'm remembering Doug Fieger, the bassist and lead singer of The Knack, who would've been 62 today but cancer took him back in 2010.  The Detroit native was responsible for the biggest song of 1979, "My Sharona", and one of the biggest albums of that year too.  Was "Sharona" a real person...?  Yes, his girlfriend Sharona Alperin.  They never married, but everybody thought they should and would.

Some know this, but if you didn't ... his older brother was Jeffrey Fieger, the attorney who successfully defended Detroit's Dr. Jack Kevorkian in his suicide-assisted trials, plus some other pretty high profile cases like one against the Jenny Jones Show and one for some Columbine massacre victims, and a few others.

The Knack was a blast to see "live" and there were at least 2 or 3 other songs from their original album that also should have been smash hits ... it didn't happen that way, which was is a huge mystery to me.  But today Knack fans... with a big "Doug Fieger-like" smile, I salute you!