It might not "feel" like demolition derby weather...but Saturday night the air will be filled with the familiar smell of exhaust and burning tires.  The crunch of metal and revving of engines will be heard all over Davenport as the Viola Boyz bring you Halloween Havoc at the Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds.

This isn't your ordinary demo derby either.  Since it's exactly one week before's bound to be super scary!  So dress up in your favorite costume and get ready for a smashing good time!

(get it?  smashing?  because it's a demo derby?  ah nevermind)

Fun for the whole family starts at 4pm with the Power Wheels race for the kids ages 3 to ten. Dress up the kids in their costumes and decorate their power wheels for a ton of fun and prizes!

They even have a contest for the Big Demolition Derby Drivers that dress up for Halloween and decorate their cars! Drivers are encouraged to dress up in costume and decorate your car for Halloween for a chance at $200!!

Gonna be a FUN night!!

After the kids' power wheels event, the main event rolls though with multiple classes of Demolition Derby Action!

Pit Passes are $30 for all ages.

The grandstand opens at 3pm with Adults $15.00, Ages 6-12 $10.00 and 5 & Under free. Free parking!

Listen to The Bill Stage Radio Show this week because I'll be giving you free tickets!  Make sure you've got the 97X app downloaded and I'll ask you to use the "Chat" button to enter.

Good Luck!

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