Did you know it's impossible to open the door on an airplane when you're up in the air because of the pressure? It's a good thing that's true or this guy would've been in a lot more trouble.

(Getty Images)

James Gray from Alloa, Scotland was on a flight to Amsterdam this weekend on KLM Airlines and had to go to the bathroom. Somehow he got confused and thought the airplane door was the bathroom door. We're not sure if he'd been drinking but, you know, he's a Scottish guy who was going on vacation. He'd probably been drinking.

Anyway, as soon as he touched the door handle, the staff on the airplane flipped out. Even though it would've been impossible for him to open it because of the pressure up at 30,000 feet. He was arrested when the plane landed and thrown in jail. He was just fined $675 and had to fly back to Scotland on a different airline.

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