This was either a creative strategy to try to hide during a police chase or a terrible strategy to get a job.

26-year-old Jose Jimenez from Westwood, Massachusetts ran over a cop's foot when he sped off during a traffic stop last week. The police spotted him driving again on Tuesday, and the chase was on.

At one point, Jose managed to get a little distance from the cops. So he pulled into a parking lot, ditched his Toyota Camry, and ran into a cell phone store where he started applying for a job.

It wasn't a terrible hiding plan, because the manager took Jose back into his office for an interview.

The manager says he had no idea that Jose was on the run because, "He introduced himself to me, cool as a cucumber. No sweaty hands, clean shirt, pretty well groomed."

But the interview didn't go great, because about halfway through, a police dog popped up at the window and started barking like crazy. The cops busted into the store and arrested Jose. He's been hit with several charges.

Read more at CBS Boston.

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