Since the PlayStation 5 pre-order, Hairball and I have worked around the clock to try and get one. We've stood in line at stores, joined online sales queues with hundreds of thousands of people, and even begged for information from department managers at every retail store, just to be told they're sold out, and good luck getting one before the end of the year.

For whatever reasons, the PS5 is the hardest system to get ahold of, with reports from corporations that ticket scalping bots are taking advantage of the online orders, so that they can resell the $500 system for $1500.

There's always a troll out there who runs one of those "break a bunch of random crap" videos that takes the newest game systems, iPhones, you name it.

I had to look, just to know how hard people had to work to get one of these, and sure enough someone's done it, and of course I watched it happen. Now, you can watch it and feel pain deep in your soul too.

This guy's channel is Captain Crunch Expirements, and it's always fun to watch something go through the shredder, it's just the shortage of these that makes this one hurt.

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