New rumors are saying that the Guns N' Roses reunion will also include original guitarist Izzy Stradlin and some new music.

K. Mazur, Getty Images

The band's former publicist says, "I know they're doing some recording. They're definitely doing something there in the studio. Axl [Rose] hasn't been there, but Slash is definitely in there and it’s not for anyone else."

The band's former manager adds, "Duff [McKagan] and Izzy were in the studio before Christmas doing stuff. At a casual glance, I think they've got at least a couple of tracks down."

No one who's actually with the band now has commented. Read more at Team Rock.

Guns currently has six shows booked for April: the two Coachella shows, two in Vegas, and two in Mexico City. A full-on tour is expected, although as we all know this thing could self-destruct at any moment.