A reenactment of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral got a little too real in Tombstone, Arizona on Sunday when one of the actors used live ammo.

The accident occurred when Tom Carter, a member of the Tombstone Vigilantes, showed up late to the reenactment and failed to have his gun properly inspected. Carter fired five live rounds with one left in the chamber of his gun

Carter shot fellow actor Ken Curtis in the upper groin during the staged gunfight at the OK Corral. Police later discovered that a woman, identified as Debbie Mitchell, was struck by shrapnel while standing in front of the Bird Cage Theater, but she refused medical treatment.

Tombstone authorities called it unprecedented. The Marshal's Office says Mayor Dusty Escapule advised the Tombstone Vigilante group to put future gunfight skits on hold as the investigation plays out.

"Tombstone takes pride in the safety and security of its townspeople and tourists alike and the citizens of Tombstone can be assured that stringent safety protocol will be enforced prior to allowing any further gunfight skits," the Marshal's Office said in a statement.

CBS News

Here's the popular gunfight scene from "Tombstone":