The Chicago Police Department is on the lookout for a man who pointed what looks like a gun at a local news crew during a live report about gun violence.

The incident happened around 7 a.m. on Wednesday. Reporter Joanie Lum of the Fox 32 news was live on the air when a young man walked behind her and pulled out a black object that looked similar to a small handgun. He pointed the object at the camera and did a shooting motion with his hand. No shots were fired.

The man then skipped down the street still in view of the camera waving the black object in the air.

The man was spotted getting two coffees from a nearby shop.

FOX 32 News
FOX 32 News

If you watch the video slowly you can decipher for yourself if you think it is a gun or possibly something different.

attachment-gun guy 2

Looking through the comments under the YouTube video, someone thinks the object is a Roku Remote.

Gee Rod: "The real question is why is this boy walking around with a Roku remote? Where did his two cups of coffee go? Perhaps he chugged them both and that's why he can't stop hopping around? So many unanswered questions I have."

attachment-gun guy 3

Viewers of the news station were messaging in to make sure the reporter and camera person were both OK. On-air anchor Natalie Bomke said Lum and the camera person were not hurt in the incident and thanked the viewers for their concern.


Here is what commenters had to say about the video:

rudimusawesomusmaximus: "Just when I thought this generation couldn't outdo themselves on their stupidity & snitchin' on themselves on social media, this guy ups the ante by doing it on live television."

Sluggo Slyquanz: "Just that quick, could have been a whole nother story."

Shalea Shaw: "People have truly lost their minds. There's no hope for us."

Magic Mike: "He didn't walk away... He skipped away like little red riding hood."

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