The latest World Record broken was the record for 'Largest Gape (Male),' according to Guinness.

That record was broken for the second time by Minnesota resident, Isaac Johnson.

Johnson previously broke the record in November of 2019 with a gape of 3.46 inches, but that was taken from him a few months later by Phillip Angus. Angus' gape measured out at 3.75 inches. 

A little over a year later, he reclaimed his title as "guy with the biggest mouth," at an even 4 inches.

His mouth is so big, he can fit four cheeseburgers from McDonald's in there.

In the latest video from Guinness featuring Isaac, he shows off that he can fit all sorts of objects in his mouth:

  • An Orange
  • A Coca Cola can
  • A can of Pringles
  • Two Liter of Soda

When Isaac first set the record, he was only 14, and obviously hadn't stopped growing yet, so as he's gotten older, the mouth has gotten bigger.

Don't discount that weird thing your kid tells you to watch them do. It might be worth a Guinness World Record someday.

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