There's a chocolate factory near Palm Beach, Florida that puts up a massive Christmas display each year with about 75,000 lights. They added a new sign this year that lights up and spells the word "JOY".

Each letter is about six feet tall, and it cost $1,400.


But shortly after they set it up on their lawn, someone stole it. Yes, some scrooge literally stole their Christmas "JOY", and their security cameras got it on video.

The guy pulled up in front of the factory last Wednesday night, cut the cords to the sign, stacked the letters up in his truck, and took off. The footage was too blurry to get his license plate, but the cops are investigating.

A spokesman for Hoffman's said they won't press charges if he brings the sign back. They're also offering a bunch of free chocolate to anyone who turns him in.

This part's pretty cool though. A crew from the Lowe's store where they bought the sign showed up on Friday and replaced it for free. The factory had to hire a security guard though, so the new sign doesn't get stolen.

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