Doctors made medical history, thanks to a man who "accidentally" stuck a 23-inch dildo about as far in as you can without totally losing it.

According to BMJ Case Reports, a 31-year-old male from Italy showed up at a hospital after spending 24-hours surely living through about every emotion in the book due to a massive sex toy that was "not removable by hand," as he told doctors.

An X-ray revealed the male had a 23-inch (or 60cm) object in his colon, according to the medical journal.


© BMJ Case Reports
© BMJ Case Reports

A team of consultants referred him to the hospital's endoscopy unit, to give surgeons a chance at getting the giant sex toy from his bum.

Medical specialists led by Dr Lorenzo Dioscoridi wrote in the journal that 'Several standard attempts with different extraction devices were made,' but none were successful in snaking the toy out of the orfice it was in.

So, they went to the drawing board, almost like a scene from Apollo 13.


So, the Milan medical team created a new tool that was somewhat like a lasso, or almost like one of the tools animal control uses on rabbid animals.

© BMJ Case Reports
© BMJ Case Reports

The journal detailed the multiple attempts by using other tools to try and sneak the dildo out of his colon, but none of the tools worked like they had hoped. Enter the dildo lasso.

"We finally succeeded in the endoscopic extraction of the device, catching the distal edge of the dildo with this guidewire lasso. "

'This device showed a technical advantage as compared with ordinary polypectomy snares, due to its much higher stiffness.'


After a succesful removal, the man was able to go home the same day, thanks to not having to have surgery because of the dildo lasso.

Doctors recommend that if you're going to use anything for "anal stimulation," that you use your fingers, or a specialized toy made for such occaision.

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