An Israeli University Study successfully taught a goldfish how to operate a vehicle to move around a room, so be ready to deal with THAT as you get on that fancy new bridge.

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev found that a goldfish's navigation abilities that they already have can be combined with some simple technology to allow them to move freely around a room while still in a 1'x1' fish tank.

Live Science via YouTube
Live Science via YouTube

The idea was simple: The camera tracks the fish's movements, which was divided into different sections to make it move the direction the fish was moving toward.

A target was placed on the wall, and if the fish reached the target, it was rewarded with food.

"After a few days of training, the fish navigated to the target," the university team said in a press release. "Moreover, they were able to do so even if they were interrupted in the middle by hitting a wall and they were not fooled by false targets placed by the researchers."

We already have to worry about Planet of The Apes happening someday, but now we have to worry that their tanks can be driven by a goldfish? No thanks. Maybe, let's stop teaching animals how to operate heavy machinery.


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