In a story too heartwarming to be a Disney movie, a golden retriever named Walter has made it home after being lost in the woods for over a year.

Walter suffered from intense anxiety, and one day slipped his collar before running off into the woods while he and his owner, Kate Olson, were celebrating Thanksgiving with family in Arnold, Missouri.

Naturally upset over her dog's disappearance, Olson stayed in Missouri for weeks to look for Walter, posting flyers around town.

Kate Olson
Kate Olson

When she returned home to New Hampshire, she started getting reports of a golden retriever in the woods behind an industrial plant. After a return trip to Missouri in January didn't bring any new leads, Olson started a "Where's Walter?" Facebook page. 

“I want him to know that I’m not giving up on him,” Olson told KSDK at the time. She spent an estimated $1,000 on flyers and flights between New Hampshire and St. Louis.

After 10 more months passed, Kate didn't feel confident about locating him, until she got the call she had been hoping for.

Lost Paws Trapping, a volunteer animal rescue service in Bellevue, Illinois had found Walter. Olson jumped on the next flight to St. Louis and reunited with her dog that night.

To help rehab Walter, a friend of Olson started a GoFundMe to cover his vet visit and medical expenses.

Since being found, Walter's been given two baths, and a complimentary grooming from the town's local groomer.

You can keep up with Walter and Kate on Facebook.

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