Join Dwyer & Michaels for an Explore Iowa event with the Iowa Lottery, hosted in Davenport today, and you could win big!

Monday, July 11th, at the Utica Ridge Hy-Vee from 11am-2pm, purchase $10 in Iowa Lottery tickets, and receive a chance to spin the wheel for prizes.

While you're there, register for a chance to win $30 in Explore Iowa lottery tickets and some merchandise, a prize pack worth a minimum of $60 - if you factor the winnings you could take with you from the Iowa Lottery.

Explore Iowa is a new scratcher centered around a familiar and homey theme.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Even if you get some tickets that don't win, you're still eligible for a chance to win a Polaris vehicle, or up to $50,000 cash.

From Iowa Lottery's website:

You could be exploring Iowa's backroads in an exciting Polaris® vehicle! When you enter your nonwinning Explore Iowa ticket in the promotion, you'll choose between a Polaris® gift certificate or cash worth up to $50,000. Here's how it works: we're holding three drawings this summer - in June, July and August - for winners of $25,000 Polaris® gift certificates and $5,000 cash prizes. Then there are grand prize drawings in September for one $50,000 Polaris® gift certificate and one $50,000 cash prize.

Be sure that if you do come by, you stop by and say hi to Dwyer & Michaels!

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