DeDe Phillips from Hart County, Georgia is not your average grandmother. She went toe-to-toe with a rabid bobcat using just her bare hands and won.

Last weekend, the 46-year-old was taking a photo of a new bumper sticker she just put on her truck. What she didn't see was a bobcat that had been watching her and then attacked.

“It caught me slightly on my face, but I got him before he could do much damage there,” DeDe said. “I took it straight to the ground and started inching my hands up to its throat. I knew that was the only way I was getting out of this. Not today. I wasn’t dying today.”

DeDe started choking the cat while making as little noise as possible as to not alarm her 5-year-old granddaughter who was inside the house. Once the bobcat was subdued, the grandmother had her daughter-in-law call 911.

“My son stabbed it four or five times, but it never budged so I knew it was completely dead,” she said. That means she took the bobcat down with just her hands around its throat.

DeDe was treated for a broken finger and claw and bite marks around her body. The bobcat was tested and found to be positive for rabies, so she had to be vaccinated for that as well.

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