A 27-year-old guy in Orlando had been trying to get his Nissan Altima out of an impound lot for about a month after it got towed, but when he finally went to get it back on Saturday, the owner of the lot was out grabbing food and had his keys. So he had to wait a little longer.

But apparently he was fed up by that point, because instead of waiting, he started throwing Molotov Cocktails at his own car.

He threw at least three of them over a fence, and set the trunk of his car on fire. And while he was doing it, the owner of the lot showed up with his keys.

The lot owner's name is Darnell Adams. He says he's not sure what the guy was thinking, because he'd already paid almost $300 to get his car out. So he could have left with his not-burned car if he'd just been a little more patient.

The guy's name is Ayub Abdulrahman. He's facing charges for arson and building a fire bomb.

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