This is like something a five-year-old might do if they were trying to escape from kindergarten.

An unidentified guy in North Platte, Nebraska flipped his car early Wednesday morning, then fled the scene. He had someone pick him up, then called 911 and said he didn't want to talk to the cops. He even threatened to attack them if they tried to find him.
The police tracked them down anyway, and pulled them over. That's when the guy jumped out of the car, picked up a frog, and tried to use it as a hostage. He wouldn't respond to commands, and started throwing trash at a cop. So they had to tase him to get him into custody.

There's no word on what kind of charges he's facing, but they think drugs and alcohol could have been a factor. The good news is, the frog wasn't hurt.

Read more at North Platte Post.

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