One of my favorite recurring video types is the "Semi Trailer Stuck on Train Tracks," and that's because no matter what speed that train is moving, that trailer is going to be obliterated.

On Monday evening of last week, a Freightliner Cascadia tried to drive across the train crossing. It's not clear what exactly got the truck stuck where it sat, but it wasn't good timing at all.

The crossing also slapped the driver in the face by bringing the arms down on each side of the cab, since he was placed just right for them to do so.

It's not soon after the arms come down that the train, which Jalopnik describes as a GE Evolution Series ET44AH, comes through the crossing. The trailer is hit directly, spinning the cab where it sat safely out of the way while the trailer is carried away by the locomotive.

Video of the incident is going viral now:

Another angle also surfaced, showing more of the magnitude of the impact, as well as the aftermath.

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