Now that things are returning to normal, and we're all going back to work, it's time to think about who is going to be the most affected: Your pet. 

Look at things through their eyes for a minute. Imagine getting to spend all the time in the world with the one person you care about the most, and suddenly, they start leaving every day for 10 hours. 10 days? Years? They don't really have a sense of time. The experts have put together an easy list of ways to keep your pet calm through another time of change. 

  1. Find a New Routine: Pets are best on a set schedule. It's why the dog's waiting for you to go outside when you wake up, why they start bugging you at dinner time about their bowl being empty, and why you have to take them out for a 3 o'clock crap every day. If you got off schedule during quarantine because you were waking up later and eating all the time, it's time to get back on something with more structure.
  2. Keep Playing and Grooming: Dogs and cats need exercise and play pretty regularly. If you've been throwing their toy all day every day, you've gone and spoiled them. You've got to keep up the activity.
  3. Leave Some Music On: A study a few years ago found that dogs cats like some classical music with some other noises mixed in. Spotify's even gone and made a playlist specially made for your dog.

4. Get Your Vet Involved: The people who know what's best for animals are those that are completely specialized in the field. If you're worried about anything, give your vet a call.

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