Tiger King hit Netflix over a week ago, but it's quickly become one of the most watched shows in America, and is currently sitting at #1 on Netflix. It couldn't have launched at a better time, with the country in self-isolation, sheltering in place, looking for something to take their mind off the current climate. While it was already one of the wildest rides we've all been on,  there were a few things that didn't quite make it into the docu-series.

Joe Exotic Didn't Write Or Sing All His Songs

There is not a whole lot of arguing to do on whether or not the soon to be Billboard Top 10 Country Hits "I Saw A Tiger" or any other of Joe's songs were actually sung by him. If you listen to the song, then listen to him talk, it's obviously not him singing. That goes for all of his songs, even "Here, Kitty Kitty", the song about a woman killing her husband and feeding him to tigers featuring the perfect lookalike of Carole Baskin. The songs were actually written and recorded by the Clinton Johnson Band, according to Robert Moor's podcast, "Joe Exotic."

Doc Antle's Park Is Still Open, Even During COVID-19

One of the crazy things that happens at the very end of the series, showing only in text saying Bhagavan "Doc" Antle had the police drop in at his park last year. Myrtle Beach Safari was raided by police in December of 2019. The park remains open, and is still even open now through the pandemic.

Joe Exotic Had A Fourth Husband Before John, Travis, and Dillon

We were as shocked as you to find out the kind gentleman who brought the large cats to the Mississippi Valley Fair not only had two husbands, John and Travis, at the same time, but had two straight husbands at the same time. It turns out that some people are willing to do anything for some big cats. Later in the series, we find out one divorced him, one died, and he remarried another straight guy named Dillon. Well, it turns out he was married to another straight guy, named Brian Rhyne, who passed away from HIV complications in 1991.

Carole Baskin Had a Boyfriend Between the Disappearing Husband and Howard Baskin, and He Filed a Restraining Order

One of the big mysteries everyone wants the answer to is the case of Don Lewis, Carole's first husband, who disappeared without a trace. Joe still stands by his theory that Don was killed and fed to the tigers, as he highlights in "Here, Kitty Kitty." His disappearance came shortly after filing a restraining order against Carole.

It turns out between Don's disappearance and her marriage to Howard, she was in a relationship with Jay Baykal. He also filed a restraining order against Carole, who said he was fearful for his life, citing two conversations that led him to believe Carole had killed her fist husband.

Howard's probably fine though, right?

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