Porch pirates are universally despised and a former NASA engineer finally had enough of them stealing his deliveries. So he got some stinky, glittery revenge.

In the video above, Mark Rober details how he created what is probably the greatest booby trap for dealing with these thieves. It took him and a friend about six months to combine GPS tracking, cameras, fart spray, and a buttload of glitter.

Here's how it works:

  • Once the box crosses a GPS fence, it sends an alert to Mark.
  • The box's location is then tracked through the GPS.
  • When the box is opened, four camera phones start recording internally.
  • A switch triggers a centrifugal motor that throws a cup of glitter into the air.
  • Another switch sets off a can of fart spray.
  • The phones upload the footage to the cloud in case the package cannot be retrieved.

Here's a video showing the package's creation in more detail:

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