It would appear golf is becoming the new best full-body contact sport. This weekend, a man was reportedly beaten with a golf club in Florida for walking on the cart path, and now there's a new video going viral of two groups of men brawling on the course.

A wild brawl broke out on the golf course at Bailey Ranch in Owasso, Oklahoma between two groups of adult men, with video being shared by TJ Eckert, a news reporter from Tulsa.

TJ Eckert via Twitter
TJ Eckert via Twitter

There are what looks to be 8-10 men fighting in the video, each matching up to their own guys, but the funny part is each individual fight is extremely one-sided.

“Golfers (pink shirt, bald guy etc.) say kids were running around on course,” Eckert wrote. “They told kids to get back on other side of fence so they didn’t get hit by ball. Lady from house yells at golfers, says dads will fight them. Golfers are former MMA fighters.”

The dads had no dog in the fight, it would appear. No word on if anyone was seriously injured in the fight.

This brawl video went viral just days after a fight broke out on a golf course in Lakeland, Florida, and the video went viral.




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One of the groups in this fight took issue with the other group's slow play, and the discussion turned into an argument, which turned into fists flying.

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