There are some people who loved high school so much they wish they could go back and relive 'The Glory Days.' (i.e. 'Uncle Rico')

With that being said...

A 21-year-old former college football player apparently missed high school so much…that he went back.

He posed as a 14-year-old and enrolled as a Freshman at a high school in Georgia.  

The 6-foot-1 “adult” whose name is Abay Holmes, played college football at Georgia Military College. (he played in ONE game during the 2017-2018 season)

According to WMAZ, he reportedly enrolled in the high school and had started taking virtual classes after a woman took him in after he told her that he was homeless. That arrangement didn’t last too long and the woman kicked him out. She then called authorities when he tried to steal the laptop that was given to him by the school.

Once police arrived, they soon found out that he was NOT 14-year-old Awan Thomas. He was 21-year-old Abay Holmes. He was charged with giving false statements to the school district and giving a false name and date of birth to deputies.

Credit: Baldwin County Sheriff's Office
Credit: Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

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