There's a good reason why people say it's dumb criminals doing stupid crimes and this is one of the perfect examples.

The Thought Process Of An Illinois Bank Robber

Since I've never personally robbed a bank, I'm just going to come up with a possible scenario. I guess you could compare it to a sports team. I'm going to assume the thief or thieves will come up with an idea on how to pull off the job. If they come up with a good game plan, the criminals can get away with some major cash without getting arrested. Of course, that doesn't happen very often.

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Bank Robbery In Chicago

This bank robbery in Chicago happened during the afternoon a couple of weeks ago. In this case, there's only one assailant. He entered the building and pulled out his gun. The man threatened employees and demanded money. They placed the stolen cash in his bag. Then, the suspect took off from the scene. Officers arrived and started an investigation. Soon after, the local police received a tip that broke the case.

Police crime scene
Illinois Bank Robbery

Surprising Way Illinois Bank Robber Got Caught

A female witness contacted the authorities. Apparently, she talked to the suspect right before he committed the crime. He actually was hitting on her. The dumb criminal gave her his phone number. She saw the story on the news and recognized the guy. That's when she called the police. They were able to track him down for the arrest.

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The woman said he asked for a cigarette and began telling her he was a "sugar daddy" and running for president in 2024.


The two spoke for a few minutes, and he gave her his phone number.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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