Semi-truck hauling potatoes in Wisconsin caught on fire and caused a horrible traffic back-up.

Traffic Nightmares In Wisconsin

Is it just me or is traffic getting much worse? Not just in big cities like Chicago. I'm talking about everywhere. The time it takes to get places nowadays is just ridiculous. That's without any major snafus. If there is an accident or construction, you better grab a Snickers because you're not going anywhere for a while. Even in Wisconsin, you don't get a break.

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Now, imagine this scenario. You're heading up to Wisconsin for a long weekend to relax. All of a sudden, traffic on a major highway comes to a complete stop. You're not going anywhere. That could be really frustrating. Do you have a good sense of humor during a stressful time like this? Well, this incident could send you over the edge in either direction. Check it out and think about how you would've reacted.

Slow Traffic
Wisconsin Potato Truck Fire

Potato Truck Fire Closes Wisconsin Highway

On early Wednesday morning, a major Wisconsin highway (I-39/90/94 southbound) just outside of Lodi in Columbia County had to be shut down for several hours for a vehicle fire. The blaze started right around 10 am. The road was closed until almost 3 pm. That caused a huge nightmare for several travelers.

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It was a semi-truck hauling a full load of potatoes. Feel free to insert your joke here. Apparently, it didn't take very long for the popular side dish to be up in smoke. After putting out the fire, rescue workers had to clean up the debris and burned potatoes before the highway could safely be reopened.

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