Police in Leesburg, Florida came upon a drunk, 19-year-old, Madison Bryant sitting in the middle of the highway median last Saturday. It had turned out that she and her boyfriend were arguing, and made him stop the car so that she could get out.

The officers quickly noticed Madison's boyfriend, and went to check him out, and then quickly arrested him for DUI.

Madison wasn't facing any charges up to this point, but while the officers were arresting her boyfriend, she asked if she could go pee on the side of the road. The officer told her they would drive her down to the gas station just down the street.

She must not have wanted to use a nasty gas station bathroom, so she pulled down her pants and squatted (using the push bar on the front of the squad car for support) and peed right there on the road in front of the world.

So, officers had to arrest her for disorderly intoxication.

On the way to jail, she asked for her JUUL back, saying she used it "for anxiety." The officer declined returning it multiple times.

After that question had been asked and answered multiple times, the officer reported, “Madison asked me if I was married and had children," to which he replied yes, and the officer wrote that she then “stated that she was not trying to ‘f**k that up’ and that she would ‘suck my d**k if I gave her her JUUL.’”

“After being offered this by Madison I did not reply and continued to the jail," the officer wrote.

Bryant was charged with Felony Bribery Count for the illicit offer, which was recorded by the cage camera in the car.

She's scheduled for arraignment on September 29th.

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