A Florida teen has been criminally charged after posting a video of himself shotgunning a Twisted Tea in a Hardee's parking lot.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was tipped off to the incident after multiple people shared the video circling social media, showing the teenager chugging a Twisted Tea while the gator's jaws clamped down on the 24 oz can, according to WFLA.

The 15-second clip led authorities to charge one of the teens in the video for taking the alligator without a permit.


“The lack of respect and responsibility shown toward this animal was disappointing to see….this serves as a strong reminder of the consequences of such behavior,” the FWC said in a statement to the outlet.

The video showed the teens outside of the Hardee's in Plant City, picking up the reptile, holding it in the air, and chugging the drink before carelessly dropping the animal to the ground.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation president Vernon Yates reviewed the video and told WFLA “This has got to stop.”

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“I could see multiple things in there that are just wrong,” he said. “Wrong possession of it and wrong to just drop it on the hot pavement like that.”

“There’s got to be something better they could be doing with their time besides tormenting some poor little alligator,” Yates said.

The good news is the gator's okay and has been released into a retention pond.

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