Police in Tallahassee, Florida, shared some bodycam footage as a show of reason not to drive while under the influence, and it's quickly gone viral.

"Over the weekend, we made four DUI arrests. One of which was for the driver of this blue Mustang who traveled up a power pole (yes - we said “up a power pole”)," the City of Tallahassee Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

The bodycam footage showed what the scene looked like when they arrived, showing a blue Mustang sitting at about a 45-degree angle from the ground with the nose of the car resting on a telephone pole.

City of Tallahassee Police Department
City of Tallahassee Police Department

"Was out with my friends at the rez, went up the curb, and wound up there," the driver, shirtless, told the officer.

"And rolled up the pole?" The officer asked, to which the driver replied, "It sucks."

"It's a Mustang," you can hear the officer radio to dispatch, with sort of an "of course it is" tone.

"If you could, just let the wreckers know that it is completely vertical."

City of Tallahassee Police Department
City of Tallahassee Police Department

The video then cuts to the wrecker, which is attached to the rear end of the car, pull it off of the pole in the only way it can; pulling the back of the car away from the pole and letting the front of it drop to the ground.

Check out the video here:

"While we are thankful that everyone involved in this weekend’s incidents walked away unscathed, it is never okay to drive under the influence," the department's post reads. "Not only could you be featured on our social media like this guy, you could get arrested, physically harm yourself or others, or end someone’s life (including your own). Oh, and you could also end up wrecking your shiny new Mustang."

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