A Good Samaritan quickly became a victim after trying to provide a place to sleep one off to a friend of a friend.

The victim met Colin Geib, 23, at a house party in Melbourne, FL, but only described Geib as a friend of a friend.

After the party, Geib was too intoxicated to drive home, and was even so intoxicated that he didn't know his own address. The victim offered to bring Geib back to his house for a "safe place to be." He set Geib in one room, and slept in another.

Sunday morning, he woke up to a lot of noise, and found Geib "peeing everywhere in the room."

Police say the victim then told Geib he needed to leave, but Geib got upset and then turned violent.

"He came at me with his penis out and attacked me," the victim told police, according to the affidavit.

Geib, 6ft tall and 170 pounds, punched the man multiple ties, tried to choke him, and pushed him into a wall before the victim was able to wrestle him out the front door and call police.

Police asked Geib about what happened, which he replied, "You heard the whole story, there's nothing I need to tell you."

Police said they found blood at the front door, holes in the wall and a room saturated with urine.

Geib was charged with battery, indecent exposure and property damage.

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