I'm sure when this guy decided he was going to swallow his entire stash, he thought he was being so clever and would be in the clear.

27-year-old Jose Ferrer Morales was pulled over in Fruitland Park, Florida on Tuesday when an officer caught him speeding. As the officer approached Morales' SUV, he noted that the man looked nervous and had just lit a cigarette.

The officer could smell the skunky odor of weed and asked Morales about it. He said there was no marijuana, but he was having "a hard time swallowing."

When Morales opened his mouth, the officer "observed his green tongue and the same leafy substance on his tongue and in his teeth, his breath had an odor of unburnt marijuana". A search of the vehicle turned up an additional blunt.

Morales was charged with possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence.

Lake County Jail
Lake County Jail

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