28-year-old Jonathan Hinkle in Cocoa Beach, Florida called 911 the other day and said his grandmother was in trouble. He said she called for help after she had a stroke in a Hooters parking lot.

He told the dispatcher that he was running there as fast as he could, but wanted a cop to pick him up. If you're wondering why his grandmother was at Hooters, hold that thought. Because police did give him a lift, but couldn't find the grandmother.

They finally tracked her down about three hours later, and she was fine. She hadn't had a stroke, said she never called Jonathan for help, and apparently she hadn't been at Hooters that day.

It turned out Jonathan called 911 just to get a ride so he could go to Hooters. Police arrested him shortly after that for misusing 911. They're also making him pay $222 for the wasted manpower.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office
Brevard County Sheriff's Office

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