A Florida man being booked into jail got busted attempting to smuggle drugs into the prison. In this instance, the reason he's on 2dorks isn't what he did, but how he tried.

37-year-old Keith Adams was arrested on Saturday during a traffic stop near his home in Largo (near the Tampa Bay Area). When they had Adams step out of the vehicle, officers found that Adams was sitting on a "glass pipe which contained a thick white residue which field tested positive for cocaine."

Pinellas County Sheriff
Pinellas County Sheriff

When Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies struggled with cops and was taken to the ground, where he was handcuffed.

Arrested for cocaine possession and resisting, officers "specifically asked before transport to the jail if anything was concealed in his leg, and warned bringing it into the jail would be an additional charge."

Adams, cops say, denied that he had anything hidden inside of the prosthetic.

Once arriving at the Pinellas County Jail, a subsequent search found that the prosthetic leg contained a gram of fentanyl and a stash of Xanax pills, according to the affidavit.

Adams is being held in the jail on three felony charges and one misdemeanor count, with a bail set at $7650. Adams has two other pending narcotics cases for alleged possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, and fentanyl.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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