It's like every time I think I've seen the most "Florida Man" story of all time, a new one pops up as a worthy contender for a "Florida Man" award.

According to a Facebook post from the Fort Myers Police Department, they're looking for a breaking-and-entering suspect who left something behind.

The incident occurred around 2:30am at the Joe's Crab Shack located at 2024 W. First Street. Surveillance video shows the man squeeze through a small broken window and enter the restaurant.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Police said the alleged suspect stole several items from within the business, including alcohol, and a Joe's Crab Shack hat he found on a shelf and wore as he paraded around the empty restaurant.

Before he left the restaurant, police say the man dropped trough and left a chocolate dragon right there on the floor of the Crab Shack.

Fort Myers Police Department shared photos and video of the man who broke into the store, and the comments started rolling in.

Many commenters were curious about whose job it is to pick up the turd that was left behind. It is forensic evidence, so do they take the turd in one of those little plastic evidence bags back to the station for some kind of DNA testing or do they just do like you would with a dog, pick it up with some toilet paper, toss it in the toilet and try not to gag?

Fort Myers police ask anyone with information to contact the Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers.

Read more at the Fort Myers Police Department Facebook Page. 

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