The Guilford Police Department in Connecticut shared a post commending their town's fire department for a rescue in which a man had gotten trapped in a well 30-feet below.


Listen to our full conversation with Chris below.


A house built in 1843 had a well on the property, but in 1981, the home had a major renovation and added on a piece of the house. It turns out that rather than put a subfloor or well cap down first, the renovators skipped that step and just threw down some wood flooring over it.

Guilford Police Department

A new tenant was moving in, when suddenly his friend, Chris Town, fell through the floor around 30-feet into a pool of ice cold water that was over his head. He says he fell about 12 feet below the surface and didn't feel the bottom.

Guilford Police Department

Chris had to tread water for about 25 minutes until they were able to rescue him from the hidden well. He only suffered minor injuries and was hypothermic, but was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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