In the last few weeks our homes have become a lot of things. It's become a bubble, where we're safe from illness. It's become our office, where our commute is from the bedroom to the kitchen. It's important that your home also become your gym, so that you can stay healthy and in shape. Some personal trainers have some info on how you can achieve the same feeling of a workout as when you leave the gym.

  1. Clear Some Space-  Move everything you can out of the way so you don't have anything to trip over or stub your toe on.
  2. Open a Window- Fresh air gets your blood flowing and helps with your mindset. It also helps so you're not recycling your sweaty-stank air.
  3. Wear Good Shoes- Don't wear slippers or house shoes. Wear your sneakers, unless you're doing yoga. Then you can be bigfoot.
  4. You Don't Have to Do It All At Once- You're not limited on time, so just do some reps in short bursts. 10 pushups here, 10 squats there.
  5. Go Easy on Yourself- Be sure to warm up, cool down, stretch, and most of all, don't overdo it. Over exertion, and doing too much too soon is how you end up being sore for a few days.

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