Meijer conducted a study of 1,200 parents to find out what back-to-school shopping looks like in the midst of a pandemic, and how they've handled it.

The results aren't really surprising in the slightest.

  1. The Hot Items- Parents said 70% of back-to-school shopping includes PPE, especially masks and hand sanitizer. That's up a bit from last year's 2%.
  2. 1 in 5 Parents Shopped Early This Year- While we were all scrambling for toilet paper and canned goods, some parents grabbed back-to-school supplies in case we run into a shortage of school supplies.
  3. Few Parents Took Their Kids Shopping With Them- Curbside pickup and home delivery are up 550% from last year, but when they did shop in stores, they more than likely didn't bring their kids. Lucky.
  4. 3 in 10 Teachers are Upgrading Tech to Keep Up with Virtual Learning- New laptops and routers, new keyboards and headphones. The biggest seller has been dry erase boards to use at home when they do Zoom calls.
  5. This is a Low Year For Back-To-School Clothes- It seems that during a time of needing PPE and most kids doing online virtual classrooms, the need for fancy new clothes and shoes has dissipated and the demand for children's bedroom decor has gone up, to make things look good for the Zoom background.

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