What are the odds of you making a million dollars someday? How you answer that question can actually have an effect on whether it happens or not.


Self-made millionaires usually get there because they truly believe making that much money is possible if they make good choices and work hard. Here are five more signs you won't end up being a millionaire:

  1. You're too focused on saving. You should save and be smart about spending. You just probably won't get rich that way. You have to focus on earning more, not saving.
  2. You don't have goals for your money. You need specific plans for how you're going to use your money to make more money. You also need to set high expectations for yourself, and then meet those expectations.
  3. You haven't started investing yet. Millionaires usually get there by investing a significant amount. Like 20% of their income and that's different than just saving it.
  4. You only have one source of income. A recent study looked at self-made millionaires and found 65% of them got there by having at least three sources of income. That includes things like side-gigs and real-estate investments.
  5. You don't like taking risks. Most people prefer stability, and that's totally fine. But most self-made millionaires have to take risks. They don't get there by only making safe choices.

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