Well, it's Valentine's Day. If you don't have a gift or a dinner reservation yet, don't sweat it, it happens to everyone once or twice. Just know you're not getting in for dinner anywhere tonight, and you're probably at work which means you won't get to go to the store before it's about dinner time. Here's some easy ways to cover up the fact that you forgot to get your crap together.

  1. Cook Dinner at Home- Everyone loves a good home cooked meal over a restaurant. It must be that extra dash of love. If you're not good in the kitchen, there's some super easy and super tasty recipes out there. Just Google "Easy dinner for 2 recipes" and look at the millions of results. My go to? One of those boil-n-serve 5 cheese tortellini packs, some chicken, some fresh mozzarella to top it, and a light sprinkle of basil. It'll set you back about $8.
  2. Set Up a Movie Night- Do a romantic movie marathon. You can go for the more serious ones like "The Notebook" or something funny like "The Proposal." There's even a movie called "Valentine's Day" with basically every actor that was relevant in 2010.
  3. Language Learning Software- Everyone has a language they wouldn't mind to learn, but the problem is that it costs money. So cut out that roadblock, and get them a Rosetta Stone membership.
  4. Ticketmaster Gift Card- Gift cards can feel impersonal, but this is different. Ticketmaster handles the selling of tickets to every major venue in the country, so they'll be able to get concert tickets, movie tickets, QC Storm tickets, and the list goes on.
  5. A Cool Subscription- The gift that keeps giving all year long. Get them a subscription to something they've been wanting, or something you know they love. If their dog is their world, get them a subscription to BarkBox, or if they love to read, join the Book of the Month club.

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