A filmmaker has created some incredible stop-motion scenes of car chases using nothing but Hot Wheels and other toys you'd find in your toy box.

In his first short film which debuted on YouTube in 2013, Paul Greer spent six months shooting scenes for the two-and-a-half-minute film.

To create his first film, Paul built a camera rig to hold his iPhone, which he used to shoot the entirety of the scenes.

Paul Greer
Paul Greer

From there, shooting could begin. With the help of a couple of friends, Paul and the group would spend up to six hours a day working, frame by frame.

The shooting process proved itself to be painstaking, and a day's shooting only produced somewhere between five to ten seconds of footage a piece.

After six months, the first film was complete, and 'Nitro Warriors' was born. The video was widely viewed, bringing nearly half a million views since it was posted.

Since, Paul has created more than 10 films with his self-founded stop motion studio, Vanguard Pictures.

"I take breaks from my regular career to work on this and work solely on this," Paul told Metro. "It’s so all-encompassing that you need to dedicate yourself to it completely."

Paul Greer
Paul Greer

But things got even more exciting when he got a phone call from the company making Paul's 'actors.'

"The most overwhelming thing was when Hot Wheels came and said, “We have a lot of money, and we want you to promote our entire line of toys”.

Paul was able to start the process of building sets, creating characters and scripting would be a months-long project paid for by Hot Wheels.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes footage of the short film.

Nitro Warriors & Hot Wheels Presents... Dare To Connect has a runtime of 3 minutes and 22 seconds. If you take Paul's quote of a day's work equating to 10 seconds of footage, that's a lot of time.

"I had to create and design the sets and convince all the bigwigs at Mattel," Paul told Metro. "I’m the most prominent person in this field now. There are others in stop motion, but I’m the most prominent person in this niche. For me, the biggest reward is that there are people out there enjoying what I make."

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