Today, we talked with Roman Weinberg, Director of Operations of Go The Distance Baseball LLC, who told us the game between the Yankees and the White Sox at the Field of Dreams is still a go.

Roman told us he is trying to find a balance between having the game, allowing spectators, but without bringing too many people to Dyersville during a pandemic. He said if there's 8,000 tickets sold, he can expect 4-5 times that coming into town for tailgating.

The MLB season start date isn't known yet, but he's sure it'll follow the footsteps of most other sports and not have spectators, but he knows that won't stop people from showing up.

If the event could continue as planned, city workers believe around $25,000,000 could come in for Dyersville.

He said it'd be very cool to see the game played in the stadium, under the lights, with no fans in the stands, just like in the movie.


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