A Reddit video is exploding with popularity this morning, showing the sweet gift given to the father of a teen organ donor.

According to the post from u/SausageTunnel, John Reid's 16-year-old son, Dakota, passed away. John decided to donate Dakota's organs, with the hope that some good would come from a terrible thing.

A year later, the recipient of Dakota's heart, Robert O'Connor, went in for a check up, and sent a thank you present to John.

u/sausagetunnel via Reddit

As John opened the box, he read the note that came with it:

"John and Stephanie,

We would have preferred to give this to you in person, but not sure when that would happen. As you know, Bob went for his one year check-up this past week. While we were there, the staff of Tuft's Medical had purchased recorders for us. They made arrangements with the echocardiogram team -"

John stopped reading and finished opening the package, pulling out a Build-A-Bear Workshop box within it.

u/sausagetunnel via Reddit

"-to record Dakota's heartbeat during the exam. If you press the paw, you will hear the heartbeat."

In the Build-A-Bear box, was a stuffed bear with a shirt that reads 'Best Dad Ever.' John held up the bear with a smile, with tears in his eyes.

u/sausagetunnel via Reddit

When he pressed the paw, the sound of Dakota's heartbeat came out of the bear. John held it tight to his ear, and began to sob.

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