Teens are not bad drivers, but inexperience can do them in before they get a chance to get any experience.

Tire Rack Street Survival is coming to the Quad Cities to help teens learn to be safe drivers in unsafe situations.

Check it out Street Survival.

Here's the original post from May:

What a great experience we had over the weekend! Joey went to a Teen Safe Driving Course sponsored by The Audi Club of America Chicago Chapter,  Shell V-Power, and Tire Discount.  It was full day of classroom theory and course driving.  A perfect combination of excitement, and the excitement of control.

The video below captures first, how tentative the drivers are running through the course slalom, then a few runs later, how the confidence is building.  Not the confidence to drive unsafely, but to understand how the car is supposed to operate, so in the event of an emergency, the teen is better prepared to act swiftly, and safely, to avoid catastrophe.

The final part of the video, is Joey running the entire course with Bryan his instructor.  Don't look at the video as a race video, just a compilation of tests in a row, each requiring a different solution to the best outcome.  Picture your teen throwing a car through this course, as calmly as Joey.  That's the benefit of only 8 hours of pointed safety training.

The classroom portion of the course is just as important, and it's sprinkled in between driving segments to give immediate practicum to the students.

If there are similar one-on-one course-driving safety schools around here, I haven't found one.  SCCA events can only do so much.  I think this type of course should be required to keep us all safer on the road.