If you found a piece of an airplane in your backyard, would you hold onto it and try to return to it to the rightful owner, or would you just pitch it and not think about it ever again? The High's did the right thing, and found the rightful owner of the piece.

Last Friday, a plane passing over Charlie and Jaclyn High's home had a 2-pound part break from the plane and land in their backyard.

"For the past few days the boys have been carrying it around the backyard, playing with the tabs and talking about their plane part," Charlie told AZ Family. "They've been liking it. They love airplanes."

The concern they had, was how bad things could've been if the part came down in the yard while their kids were playing.

AZ Family went to the Phoenix house to do a story about the part, where the couple expressed their want to return the part to the proper owner. Hours after they had a pilot from Gemini Air Group at the Scottsdale Airport reach out and say the part belonged to them, and they'd like it back if they could.

"It's nice to know, nice to know it didn't just come from some a random plane," said Jaclyn High. "Nice to know it was close to our house."

Gregg Laabs, general manager of maintenance at Gemini said the plane belongs to a client of his, and the part that fell off was the service door for the lavatory system. "Based on where it was found, it was probably on take off," Laabs said.

"It has latches like other doors," said Laabs. "We're not sure what caused it to come off. At this point, we know the latches are latched. It could have been a failure. We're investigating that right now."

Jaclyn said her boys wanted to keep the part, but she was able to convince them otherwise.

"We kind of talked up giving it back, so now they think it's cool to put it back on the plane," said Jaclyn High.

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