A man was fatally shot at the French nudist beach known as 'La Mama' in Lyon on Saturday morning after allegedly performing a sex act in public on the beach.

The dead man was in his 40's, and was allegedly performing a sex act on himself in front of multiple women trying to enjoy their time on the beach.

nude young girls walk on the beach in the waves of the surf on a summer day
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Another man, in his mid-70's reportedly came into contact with the younger man to make him stop what he was doing, but the two started hurling insults at each other. He continued to pleasure himself in the direction of a woman - who he stared down.

The older man then shot the younger man with a hunting rifle that he legally owned. It's not clear yet as to why the rifle was with him at a nudist beach, but perhaps it was a good thing he did.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

France3 reports that the shooter turned himself in to the police as soon as they arrived on the scene of the shooting. He has been taken into custody, following a doctor's evaluation to make sure he's in good enough health to be detained.

The NY Post says the 76-year-old man shot the guy three times.

Read more at NY Post

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