The Sunday afternoon game between the Quad City Storm and the Vermilion County Bobcats saw a first in hockey and likely most professional sports, and Storm Head Coach Dave Pszenyczny came in to talk about his experience. Listen to the full interview below.

Amidst rumors of the Bobcats possibly ceasing operation, no word had yet come out officially regarding the team. The Quad City Storm traveled to Danville, Illinois to face the Bobcats at their home ice in the David S. Palmer arena.

Vermilion County Bobcats / Google Maps
Vermilion County Bobcats / Google Maps

When the Quad City Storm came out for their warmups, the other side of the ice where the Vermilion County team should be was empty. Then, the Storm came back out to the ice for the National Anthem and the faceoff that would begin the game.

The music played, and Storm Head Coach Dave Pszenyczny said there was a theme.

"The guy on the music starts playing What's Going On, the second song was I Heard a Rumor," Dave said. "The third one was Evil Woman. He was hitting it out of the ballpark, and he was turning the volume up at certain parts."

Hear Coach Dave Pszenyczny's Full Interview Here:

After the game was called as a forfeiture, Dave said the team knew they needed to be there for the Bobcats fans who showed up to find out their team wasn't. After an impromptu team salute to fans, the Storm stayed to skate with the fans who had come to the game thinking they'd get to skate with their favorite players, but were obviously let down.

"We had a kid come up and say 'Hey, I'm going to root for the Storm from now on.' and it's weird because he's wearing a Junior Bobcats jersey, and I feel bad for him because he doesn't have a team to look up to. It's a horrible situation," Dave said.

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While he was on the air with us, we found out the Vermilion County Bobcats folded, and announced the news on their Twitter page.

Pszenyczny feels for the players of the team.

"It's a horrible situation for those players who were left behind. The thing is those guys haven't been paid, and that brings it to a whole new level. Who's going to help them?" He asked.

We'll see what comes next in this ongoing story.

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