Back when I first moved to the Quad Cities in 1996 I had an apartment with 2 of my best friends.  It was a 2 bedroom apartment so in order to save money we put one of my buddies beds in the Livingroom. It was the perfect bachelor pad and I miss those days.

Although I'm pretty sure I couldn't live there any more.

We had tapestries on the wall, posters, Christmas lights year round and a stack of VHS pornos next to the TV.  We threw some killer parties.  Some would say, "the dopest parties".

I saw many a sunrise from that apartment.  It was quite blurry most times.  One time I remember walking at 5 in the morning from our place on Division & Kimberly down to the Hardee's on Locust for some breakfast.  We were still drunk by the time we got home...which is saying something because it was a LONG ass walk!

We had empty bottles of Jack Daniels lining the top of the cupboards like your mom does with her fine china.  Sometimes we'd stick a candle in the top of one of them and let the wax melt down over the neck of the bottle.  Because it looked classy.

And we had STACKS of empty beer cans in cases (because that's how Hyvee wanted you to return them) but because no one wanted to return them they would touch the ceiling before we'd load up a car to get our $11 deposit.  Just enough to buy another couple 12'ers of Icehouse bottles.

In a COMPLETELY unrelated note....

This is a video making the rounds and if I didn't know any better I'd think the Bud Light has made a brilliant viral video.

They didn't.

It's just a poor dude that got kicked out of his apartment and happens to LOVE Bud Light.

Probably too much.


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